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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

I recall as a young child writing my first book report (not more than two pages and double-spaced, please) and taking this to my dad for copy-editing, or perhaps reassurance.

His advice was to begin with using words I understood and opening the dictionary when I needed inspiration.

I had truly liked the book and so I was able to say how I felt.

This book was interesting – good word I thought; and I knew its meaning.

And then it was time for the next book report a week later. I came up with… very interesting and so the second book report was completed and submitted.

Time for the third book report and I wrote (having confided with my new friend, the dictionary) – extremely or most interesting. Upon reading this, dad recommended it was now time for opening the thesaurus.

So, third book was truly stimulating, and I was the recipient of my first A+.

A mark that was highly unusual to be seen at the right hand side of the page and received from the extremely most dour Sister Agnes!

With fond recollection of this experience, and writing MY first blog of all time and even though I ghost write blogs for clients…

I now felt tasked, obliged, committed to come up with something mind blowing and inspirational – or at the very least thought provoking or a time out for a reminiscing moment.


I heard the news of Bob Dylan’s 2016 Nobel Peace Prize in Literature this week.

My ex was a huge ardent fan and while a foreign news correspondent he often used Dylan phrases, lyrics when reporting on news events. Then when transitioning to television production, he had the absolute personal/professional honour of producing a documentary of previous Noble Peace Prize winners.

He would often say, Bob Dylan is right up there and should win someday. I would whole heartily agree however NOT when ex would use Bob’s “poetry” during our disagreements.

I want to take the time to say many thanks dad, ex-husband and “just a song and dance man”.

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