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Great Interior Design Challenge – Holly Village Episode

Well now, I felt a “celeb mo” for about 7 1/2 minutes while in the States visiting family over Xmas / New Year holiday. I received emails and calls from folks left right and centre and across the Atlantic, some reaching out to me after years of distance when the Great Interior Design Challenge 2016 aired this January on BBC TV.

And, all with the common message… how wonderful Holly Village looks.

It was rather intriguing to have someone else transform a room one holds dear with memories and everyday living. However the time I shared with my “Challenge” designer and Studio Lambert (first class, respectful, professional production team) helped me see the room in a different light and benefit its use. I giggled often while the filming was taking place.

This when I recalled the first stage renovation of my London home after renting it for several years. This property had been a long-term rental when the previous owners relocated after raising their family here. There was much to do.

I have never lived in a place with all rooms the same colour – Magnolia… and the window frames and doors heavily covered with shiny white gloss paint.

All windows featured two layers of net curtains + heavy somber funereal curtains which did not allow any sunshine in but of course held back the cold draughts.

The plumbing was exposed in the kitchen and bathroom (think Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers’ Le Centre Pompidou) and if over 5ft 5in could knock yerself out with a blow to the head from the hot water heater above the toilet… I am tall – yikes.

And what was this accessory called the over flow pipe that stuck outta one wall and drizzled down and past the bathroom window at the rear of my home?

And then there was the spatial thaaang!!!

My parents purchased our second US home just before my freshman year at high school and it too was built in the 1860’s. But is humungous with my current UK home fitting into perhaps a third of it!!!

Just think – our container shipped to the UK held amateur sporty peoples’ STUF – two sets of – skates, racquetball gear, baseball bats/balls/mitts, hockey sticks and pucks, volleyball/net, basketball (no net), badminton, golf clubs, skis/polls/boots, about six tennis racquets and all the kit to boot. WHEW

So another décor challenge consideration was to try and eeek out as much storage space as possible in new home.

This has been successfully accomplished with the help of professionals and yes – architects… sounds like I am praising another TV show and Kevin Mc Cloud.

All the neo gothic windows have been stripped down to their warm elegant teak beauty and reflect the outside wood. The walls are not that different to Magnolia, however sport names like Chiffon and Champagne, Pale Shades of Grey – tee hee hee.

However, it is home for this American in England and the Great Interior Design Challenge only richly re-defined the excellent choice I have made.

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