Who Are We

Simple, unique and here to help

American In England is a new simple and unique service for Americans moving to or visiting England for any period of time no matter how long or short the stay.

Our service supports people in transition to England – those new in town, tourists or visitors, professionals, international students or long time residents, anyone intent on establishing a home in England or interested in achieving insight into and learning about British culture along with practical information to facilitate the experience.

American In England takes away all ambiguity and hesitation, rather than rely upon misinterpretation, cultural nuances and others’ personal perceptions. It provides guidance on the British way of life, everyday living and assists you in a seamless assimilation into your new life in the UK.

American In England can deliver a wide range of expert services to make your relocation or visit a less daunting and complex task.

We can be your Corporate Agent, Private Personal Consultant and of course your Buddy too!

Get in touch we are here to help.